1 Team Web : Focus on the Team.

1 Team Web helps you manage your team-oriented memberships including sports teams, clubs, groups, and paid memberships. It takes care of the administrative side, so you can focus on what matters most: your team.

  • Secure logins for administrators that offer full team management capabilities
  • Secure logins for team leaders (coaches) that offer limited management capabilities (for example, tracking member attendance)
  • Secure logins for members to check personal attendance, payment schedule, progress through levels, and personal settings
  • Full attendance and enrollment tracking per program, per time period, or per student
  • Full payment tracking, per program, per time period, or per student
  • Automated attendance scanning with personalized attendance cards (requires an inexpensive barcode scanner)
  • Ability to customize the system to set up your own terminology, programs, attendance events, custom fields, etc.

Welcome to ! Do you have a group that you manage, such as a sports team, after-school activity, or club? Do you need to track membership? Attendance? Dues payment? Membership progression? Sign up! We'll contact you about getting a free beta trial for up to 12 months for teams of 50 or fewer members.